Think before you drink - Boycott Bacardi

We live in a world where consumerism is king. One thing that grants us is the power to conscientiously object to buying certain products. Bacardi rum is one of these products.


Over the last number of years, Bacardi adverts have been broadcast into our homes, falsely claiming that they are Cuban exiles, forced from the island following triumph of Castro, Guevara & the revolutionary in 1959. True to form, as often the case both with western media narrative of Cuba, and capitalist advertising in general, this couldn't be further from the truth.


So let's set the record straight.


Bacardi is the richest family owned business & largest private spirit prodcuding company in the world, with annual sales chocking up to 5 billion USD. This astronomical profits allow them to spend a large amount of money on a false advertising campaign, propagating the lie that Bacardi is an authentic Cuban rum.


Bacardi is neither produced, nor consumed in Cuba.


As many are well aware, Cuba has suffered immensely from an illegal & inhumane blockade imposed on island the United States. Beginning in 1962 under the Kennedy administration, the blockade has starved the Cuban economy of upwards of 1 trillion USD.


Barcadi openly supports, endorses & encourages the blockade of Cuba.


The blockade denies ordinary Cubans access to vital medicines, and technical equipment needed to construct essential infrastructure. Since 1991, the United Nations General Assembly has voted annually against the blockade. The most recent vote being passed in October 2016, with 191 countries voting to end the blockade & no countries voting against. Only the United State & Israel abstained.


The blockade is the epitome of US Foreign Policy - punish the people who's government does not follow the Washington consensus in the hope that human suffering will force the government to kowtow. To date, the revolutionary Cuban people refuse to be broken.


Apparently not happy with amassing billions of dollars in profit, Bacardi further attack the Cuban economy by pirating the name & brand of authentic Cuban rums like Havana Club. Against international trade law, Bacardi began to produce its own Havana Club, and attempted to force governments into recognising them as owner of the brand. Again, this couldn't be further from the truth.


Over the next few weeks, Republican Youth activists across the country will be taking lead on a letter sorting campaign to bars in their local areas, making them aware of the Bacardi track record & encouraging them to stock only genuine & authentic Cuban rum.


What you can do to help;


• Stop drinking Bacardi.

• Tell your friends & family, encourage them to do the same.

• Lobby your local bar to stop stocking Bacardi, making them aware in their complicity in the Cuban blockade.

• Encourage the sale & consumption of authentic Cuban rums like Havana Club.


Viva Cuba libre!

 - Aodhan Hamill, Belfast 

Ógra Shinn Féin