Republican Youth welcome Catalan independence declaration

Sinn Féin Republican Youth have welcomed the declaration of the Catalan Republic as a sovereign state, independent of Spain, by the democratically elected Catalan Parliament.

Aodhan Hamill said:

 ”The Catalan people deserve a massive amount of credit for their resilience over what has been a difficult number of weeks. Their burning desire for freedom, twinned with their unquestionable commitment to peaceful and democratic means has paved the way for today’s declaration.

 “Credit also must be given to those members of the Catalan Parliament, under the exemplary leadership of President Puigdemont and Vice-President Junqueras, who faced down threats, intrasiegience and intimidation from the Spanish state.

 “The Spanish state’s assault on Catalan voters on October 1st, the refusal to enter into talks with the Catalan government, and the attempted suspension of Catalan democracy, left President Puigdemont with no other way to best represent the wishes of his people.

 “This is undoubtably a historic day for Catalunya, but is also a seminal moment for both the Spanish state and the rest of Europe. The professed standard bearers of democracy in the EU should respect today’s declaration, they should also encourage the Spanish government to enter into meaningful dialogue on the way forward.

 “We oppose any potential moves by the Spanish state to respond militarily to this declaration of independence. Catalans have remained steadfastly committed to peaceful and democratic means throughout this process, Mariano Rajoy should remember, respect and replicate this.

 “The Catalan people have made their voices heard time and time again. They have demanded independence, voted for independence and they have declared independence. That must be respected.

 “Let me be amongst the first to welcome the República Catalan to the nations of the world.”

Visca la República! Visca Catalunya!

Ógra Shinn Féin