Register & repeal

Over the past few days Ógra Shinn Féin activists have been taking to the streets to get our Sinn Féin message out.

We had some brilliant conversations with people and we even managed to help people get registered to vote.

There’s over 150,000 young people who aren’t registered to vote, this is our future and majority of our friends won’t even vote in the upcoming referendum.

If you are one of these young people you have until Tuesday to fill in the RFA2 form, have it signed and witnessed at a Garda Station, and get it to your local city or county council.

We must repeal the 8th amendment, there’s no other option. This is a once in a generation opportunity so get out canvassing, leafleting, talk to your friends,parents and grandparents, We cant wake up on May 26th and realize we could’ve done more.

Ógra Shinn Féin