Let the people of Catalonia have their say

Republican Youth's International Officer, Aodhán Hamill has said that the democratic expressions of the people of Catalonia must be respected, free from repression. 

Speaking after a delegation of Sinn Féin Republican Youth members travelled to Barcelona to celebrate the Catalan National Day alongside JERC, Aodhán Hamill said:

“Millions of Catalans lined the streets of Barcelona on Monday to express their desire for independence.

"The Catalan people have repeatedly expressed their wishes to vote in a referendum on their future.

"This referendum will take place ‪on 1st October‬, it should be embraced internationally as a democratic imperative.

"Recent days have seen attempts by the Spanish state to halt the referendum, police have raided printing firms in search of ballot papers and the referendum's information website has been shut down.

"This move is a denial of fundamental rights, Republican Youth oppose any attempts to halt the democratic process in Catalonia  

"The Spanish Government has a moral responsibility to respect the legislation passed by the Government of Catalonia.

 "The people of Catalonia have a right to decide their own future, let them have their say."

Ógra Shinn Féin