International pressure needed to secure a peace process in Syria


Sinn Féin Republican Youth in Derry has called on the International community and those involved in the war in Syria to secure a ceasefire and a peace process with sustainable outcomes.

Speaking at a rally in Derry, Caolán McGinley said:

"The Syria war has left approximately 8 million people displaced inside Syria, 4.5 million refugees beyond Syrian borders, over 1 million people injured and more than 400,000 people killed.

"From the very outset of the war Sinn Féin condemned the brutal reaction of the Syrian Government to democratic protests, the descent into all-out war, and the foreign interference which has bankrolled armed groups, and elongated the conflict.

"The killing of at least 52 adults and 20 children due to sarin and chlorine gas exposure in Khan Sheikhoun is an atrocity. 

"There is an urgent need for UN war crimes examiners to get to the truth of how citizens were exposed to chemical weapons and ensure those responsible are brought to justice.

"Further attacks will not end the conflict, only perpetuate it and inflict more suffering on the Syrian people.

"There is an obligation on all those involved in the conflict, including the international community to secure a ceasefire and begin a peace process with sustainable outcomes. The international community must also act to resolve the humanitarian crisis within Syria and all those refugees displaced internationally by this conflict.

"We also send our solidarity to the Kurdish people in their ongoing struggle for nationhood."

Ógra Shinn Féin