Ógra SF.

Ógra Shinn Féin is a movement for young people, led by young political activists. Our role is to campaign, educate and to build a project that creates a political space for progressive young people. Our political campaigning is based around five ideas: Republicanism, socialism, feminism, internationalism, environmentalism. We are the youth wing of Sinn Féin, free to set an independent agenda.


Building a republic.

Ógra Shinn Féin is committed to fostering diversity and playing our part in building the unity of Ireand, its society and economy. Partition created two conservative states. The unity and empowerment of citizens across this island provides the best vehicle for achieving a lasting peace and a genuine democracy.

A united and socialist republic is our primary objective, and a vibrant, radical, island-wide youth movement that is supported internationally, will best ensure the achievement of that republic.

We want to ensure that the economy serves every last one of us, where citizens have the right to a decent job and the treatment of respect in the workplace.Our ideas also prioritise the voices of those on the margins, support the rights of young people, champion access to education and mental health services. Ideas that empower the diversity of our citizens, women, ethnic minorities, the LGBTQI and Traveller communities.